When it Arrives

When It Arrives

I will not blush for death
or bend my head in fear.
My hands will light a fire instead;
ignite the blaze upon the pyre.

Then rising from my burning bed
I will stand engulfed in flames
that consecrate my very blood
until I rise in swaying bands
of color dancing in the north.

A shooting star will mark the trail
where I will whisper in the void
the tales that penetrate your bones
our ancient roots and songs and spells.

And when my light has left your eyes,
then you will fall upon your knees
in honor of the gift bestowed
of blood and family secrets told.

Tree Langdon
©® 2017

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I duck my head in cool swift water
and surface gasping
at the momentary distraction.
We jump off the bridge
like trout that leap
to rid themselves of parasites.
I try to ease my worries
bits and pieces float away
in the current.

I search for peace of mind
along the rocky shore
turning over every stone.
All I find are crabs
that grasp and pinch
and pull me down.

I seek wisdom
In air that’s thick with moss and mist
The trees send soothing tendrils
Deep into the silence
I trace a map
Along the ridges in the bark
Yet cannot read the trail

I climb high
to see the bigger picture
and clear my mind.
The air is thin and cold.
Tiny berries beckon.
We eat them as we pick.
The sour sweet burst
of sunshine in my mouth
pulls me back.
2016 ©tb

Release to the gods

I write to release
The thoughts that swarm
In tiny threads inside my mind
A swirling cloud of crows
Descending in a spiral
They press into the depths
Of foggy muck
I cannot breathe
I suffocate
Yet cannot call
My voice is locked
Jaw set in a vice
Unable to release

I write to release
This life we live
I follow threads
The woven nests
I hear beliefs
Persuade and tell
They call like crows
And draw me in
The path unwinds
Deep in the maze
Thoughts locked in place
I take as mine
Reflect them back
As echoed calls
I am not them
Never them

I speak my truth
Is difference made
To any person
Any god?